REVIVE Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan (see entire document) was developed during a two-day prayer and planning retreat.  The REVIVE Board of Directors adopted it as a work in progress, to be further developed and modified by the Board with Iowa United Methodist laity and clergy participation.  This is an ongoing Strategic Plan that is intended to give direction to the efforts of REVIVE as we move forward.  Additional goals and strategies will be needed to implement our Mission.

REVIVE! is a group of committed, enthusiastic disciples of Jesus Christ who desire our United Methodist Church to be faithful to our Biblical Wesleyan heritage.

The mission of REVIVE! is to glorify God by:

  • promoting authentic Biblical Christianity from a Wesleyan theological perspective,
  • strengthening the vital ministry of local churches, and
  • providing a strong partnership of evangelical clergy and laity working for revival of our church.

In five years, REVIVE! will:

  • be in constant prayer, seeking God’s guidance and direction
  • have built respectful relationships with United Methodists across theological views
  • increase in influence within the Iowa Annual Conference
  • have more REVIVE! members in local church, district, and Annual Conference leadership positions
  • have taken actions to help Iowa United Methodist to have a positive image of REVIVE!
  • have 5,000 active members, adding 500 members each year
  • share and collaborate with renewal groups in other Annual Conferences

In five years, the Iowa Annual Conference will be:

  • larger, with membership and worship attendance growing annually
  • younger, with more youth and  young families, while valuing all ages
  • focused first on evangelism and discipleship
  • filled with more small groups in local churches for Christian growth, accountability, prayer, study, and service
  • experiencing a joyful, evangelical Annual Conference meeting
  • engaging in more grass-roots, bottom-up decision making
  • fully supportive of the United Methodist Book of Discipline and its effective implementation and enforcement


Whom are we trying to reach?

  • local church members (to promote spiritual growth)
  • local church leaders and potential leaders
  • Iowa Annual Conference members
  • Pastors
  • General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegates and potential Delegates
  • Iowa Annual Conference leaders and staff, including our Bishop


See entire Strategic Plan – Adopted January 12, 2013 (PDF)

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