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United Methodists form Wesleyan Covenant Association

Forty Three United Methodist Clergy and Laity  have issued An Open Letter to the People of The United Methodist Church

Dated June 30, 2016,  the letter calls for faithful obedience to the Bible and The Discipline of The United Methodist Church on the part of all clergy and laity.  For information about the Wesleyan Covenant Association and the Open Letter, click on the following link:

In a preface to Endorsements of the letter, two pastors commented, “As a young orthodox United Methodist, I am excited about the creation of the Wesleyan Covenant Association as a coalition committed to the authority of God’s Holy Word, our Wesleyan heritage, and Holy Spirit empowered revival,” said the Rev. Madeline Carrasco Henners, pastor of Luling (Texas) First United Methodist Church. “We know that many pastors in many progressive annual conferences feel isolated from their fellow orthodox brothers and sisters. This alliance will help them have their voices heard in matters affecting the unity of the Global Church.”

“Clergy and laity across the nation are rightly concerned about the state of The United Methodist Church in the United States,” observed the Rev. Jim Cowart, pastor of Harvest UM Church in Byron, Georgia. “Although blessed with sound doctrine, a history of personal and social holiness, and a rich heritage, the church seems to have lost its way in the 21st century. The Wesleyan Covenant Association provides us with a wonderful opportunity to gather around the best of what we are with those who are of like commitment to work toward making disciples for the transformation of the world.”

Three pastors in the Iowa Annual Conference were among those endorsing the Open Letter.