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Please pray for Bob and Norma Morrison

The REVIVE family recently received disturbing news from Norma regarding Bob’s health.  Her note contained the following information:

I have some difficult news to share and this (email) seemed to be the easiest way for everyone to hear.

Last winter Bob started having issues of being confused so we began seeing doctors and having lots of tests.  We would have to wait months between appointments with different specialists so this has been a long process.

Last month the Davenport psychologist said Bob probably had the beginning of Alzheimers but we knew the diagnosis was incorrect because of many errors in the report.  Unfortunately, the medication they prescribed was bad for the kind of illness he has.  It basically made him agitated and delirious which is what put him in the hospital at the University of Iowa mid-October. With all the tests they did there, they gave us hope that it might be a virus or Lyme’s disease or something else that was curable. We were told they would be doing more tests last Thursday.  Instead the  neurologist told us that he has behavioral frontotemporal degeneration (dementia). We believe only 50-60,000 people have this diagnosis in all of the US. There is no treatment and there is no cure.

He will not be able to return to work, and someone needs to be with him 24/7. Our kids have been wonderful and Bob will be with them when I have meetings out of town.

Your prayers are appreciated.  Please pray he will do well when I have to be gone for General Conference and related meetings, as long as over 2 weeks for GC. Many of us are praying for a miracle healing so join me for that.  Since God can raise the dead, he can certainly repair this small hole in Bob’s brain!


Bob Morrison
 Bob Morrison