I Am Not Afraid That The People Called Methodists Should Ever Cease To Exist In Europe Or America. But I Am Afraid, Lest They Should Only Exist As A Dead Sect, Having The Form Of Religion Without The Power. And This Undoubtably Will Be The Case, Unless They Hold Fast Both The Doctrine, Spirit And Discipline With Which They First Set Out.

John Wesley August 4, 1786

Church photoMethodism began as a movement whose aim was to bring revival and renewal to a struggling eighteenth century church. This venture was built upon a foundation of preaching and teaching “plain scriptural religion” and seeking to live with a “holiness of heart and life.”

The movement, like its founder John Wesley, was fueled by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Almost 300 years after the birth of Methodism, many are praying for this same foundation and fuel to return and inspire a new season of renewal and revival within The United Methodist Church. This is the heart of REVIVE.

REVIVE is a group of committed, enthusiastic Iowans working to revive our  United Methodist Church and focused upon glorifying God by:

  1. promoting authentic Biblical Christianity from a Wesleyan theological perspective,
  2. strengthening the vital ministry of local churches, and
  3. providing a strong partnership of evangelical clergy and laity working for revival of our church.

Join REVIVE and Help Stoke The Flames Of Renewal And Revival In Your Church

The heart of REVIVE is to bring renewal and revival to the people and local churches of the Iowa Annual Conference by providing information, training and resources that will help foster disciple- making churches.